What's up

My name is Jack

I'm a student and aspiring full-stack developer



A little bit about me.

I'm Jack Ditto. I'm originally from Jackson, Mississippi, but my family currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee and I am in school in Richmond, Virginia at the University of Richmond. I'm a sophomore there, and am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in computer science, with minors in mathematics and Spanish. Coding and web development type projects have been my hobby and passion since my sophomore year of high school, and the purpose of this portfolio website is to help me follow that passion into a job.

My Skills.


Java and C++

Angular 2+



I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in computer science at the University of Richmond currently, and the revelent classes I have taken include: Introduction to Computing, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Software Systems Development and Algorithms. These classes and more have taught me the fundamentals of programming, including object oriented design, data structures, and how to problem solve. Besides Java, C++ and most computer science theory that I know, I am largely self-taught, and since sophomore year of high school I have taught myself everything I know related to web design through the internet and through online courses.


Freelance Web Design / Tech Support

  • Developed a number of websites by advertising on Craigslist
  • Employed platforms such as Wix and ClickFunnels
  • Managed clients' web domains on GoDaddy and set up email accounts with these domains

IT Intern

  • Worked as an intern in the IT department at St. Andrew's Episcopal High School
  • Repaired laptops and set up computers on the network

Technology Seminar

  • Organized and led a technology seminar for elderly members of First Baptist Church of Jackson

Personal Projects (under construction.)

University of Richmond Class Finder


Please feel free to contact me any time.

 (601) 874-9522